Creating a custom formulation for your supplement is a big undertaking. You want to create something your customers will love and will come back for over and over again. With a unique product, your customers won’t be able to find the same thing somewhere else, either.

Before you create your customer formula, it’s important to know a few things. Let’s look at a few common things to consider when you decide you want to create custom formulations for your brand.


Top 5 Questions to Ask Before Creating a Custom Formula

1. What type of supplement do you want?

Choosing the right supplement to represent your brand is important. You want to promote your brand with a quality product that’s unique from anything else on the marketplace. With a custom formulation, you can do exactly that, whether you want a weight loss supplement, a health supplement, a vitamin supplement, or even a sports supplement.

Before you move forward with any type of custom formulation, make sure you know what type of supplement you want to create. This can help you figure out the rest of the equation for your new supplement.

2. How much of each ingredient should you include?

Your custom formulation will require you to figure out which ingredients you want and how much of each. This is the point of creating a custom product. You can control how much of each ingredient is found within your custom formulation.

You might need to do some research to figure out what ingredients you want and how much of each. It’s important to choose the right ingredients as that’s the entire foundation of your custom formulation.

3. Are you sure which type of packaging you want?

One of the most important things you want when it comes to your custom supplement is the packaging. It needs to stand out on the shelves and your customers need to know what you’re offering rather quickly.

Choosing the right packaging will make a pretty big difference with any custom formulation. While you certainly need to create a quality product, the packaging will attract customers to try it out for the first time.

4. Do you know what you want each serving to contain?

Along with figuring out the ingredients, you will need to figure out what every serving will contain. It starts with deciding whether or not you want one capsule or gel cap to be the serving or multiple. Then, you should also figure out how many servings per container for your custom supplement, too. This will need to go on your packaging, but it will also help to determine if you’re selling a 30-day supply, a 60-day supply, or another size supply.

5. Have you found a good partner to help with your custom formulations?

One of the most important questions to answer is whether or not you have a good partner to help with your custom formulations. With the right company providing the ingredients, manufacturing, packaging, and fulfillment, you can streamline the process every time you want to introduce a new supplement product under your brand name.

After answering these questions, you can decide if creating a custom formulation for your needs. At BioThrive Sciences, we can help you create the right supplement formula for your needs.