Custom Biotin Formulations

BioThrive Sciences offers private label and contract manufacturing of biotin supplements. Our custom biotin formulations empower you to choose the ideal supplement composition based on your target demographic. In either case, all of our biotin supplement formulations are created with natural ingredients in sanitary conditions. Whether your organization needs a custom biotin formulation or strategic marketing to attract a particular audience, BioThrive Sciences will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

What Is Biotin?

Biotin is a B vitamin and a coenzyme also known as vitamin H. The word “biotin” is derived from the Greek word “biotos”, which means “sustenance” or “life.” Biotin helps keep the eyes, liver, hair, nervous system, and skin healthy. Biotin is also vital for embryonic growth, which makes it a critical nutrient during pregnancy.

The suggested dosage of biotin is between 30 and 100 micrograms (MCG) for adults and adolescents. Since biotin is water soluble and doesn’t stay in the system for long periods of time, any extra biotin will simply pass through the body with urination.

Biotin for Nail, Skin & Hair Health

Biotin supplements can increase the thickness and lustrousness of hair while reducing or stopping hair loss. In most instances, these benefits are seen in those who already have a biotin deficiency. Evidence also suggests biotin can help strengthen brittle nails. It’s also used for a variety of conditions, such as hair loss, cradle cap, and hepatitis.

Biotin for Improving Energy Production

In addition to improving hair and nails, biotin plays a significant role in energy production because it’s a part of the B-vitamin family. B vitamins like biotin that help the body efficiently convert macronutrients into fuel to power cells in the body. If someone doesn’t have a steady supply of biotin, they could experience fatigue throughout the day.

Biotin for Healthy Cell Development & Pregnancy

Biotin promotes healthy cell development and allows cells to grow and divide. One of biotin’s most important jobs is to regulate the formation of DNA, which keeps the cells’ genetic information working properly. As cells divide and grow at a rapid pace – especially during pregnancy – biotin becomes even more important. This vital nutrient works to ensure DNA and cells develop in fetuses, which minimizes the likelihood of pregnancy complications.

Contact BioThrive Sciences for Custom Biotin Supplements

At BioThrive Sciences, we strive to set the highest possible standard of service and quality in private label and contract manufacturing. As the premier biotin contract manufacturing and private label provider, our production specialists will guide you through the process. Some of the most common services we offer include:

  • Stock biotin products
  • Custom biotin formula creation
  • Biotin product fulfillment
  • Biotin label design, compliance and printing
  • Private labeling for biotin supplements
  • E-commerce & custom marketing solutions

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