Skin Care

No matter what type of skin care regimen your customers use, there’s always room from improvement. Our GMP-certified skin care products can be used in conjunction with many major skin care solutions because they’re natural.

Our team can help your customers with a variety of skin care solutions, see below for our most popular supplements and treatments.

Reverse & Repair Skin Damage

Not unlike anti-aging or healthy skin solutions, reversing skin damage can be an excellent way to help a skin care regime succeed. Customers are always searching for new solutions for reversing pre-existing damage to their skin.

Some of our most popular solutions are antioxidants and vitamins. These supplements help penetrate deep into the skin and repair the skin cells directly.

We have many different types of antioxidents and vitamin supplements available for different types of treatment, such as:

  • Healthy Skin, Hair & Nails – Try Biotin, Primrose, Black Currant Oil
  • Younger Looking Skin – Try Idebenone, Fish Oil, Vitamin C
  • Firmer, Smoother Skin – Try Imedeen Prime, Iron

There are a multitude of other solutions, including scar cream and collagen powder, that can affect your skin care routine for the better. With BioThrive Sciences, we can create a custom solution with private labeling to ensure your product is exactly what your customer needs.

Sun Protection Solutions

More individuals are acknowledging the importance of good sun protection. Our team has several formulas available for protecting your skin so you have a healthy, youthful glow longer.

Some of our most popular formulas for sun protection include antioxidant supplements and fern extract. Help your customers prevent UVA damage by protecting their skin for maximum protection.

Anti-Aging Supplements

Are you looking for anti-aging solutions for your customer base? Our team has researched and created custom formulas for top selling products in the beauty world. Some of our top anti-aging products include:

  • Vitamin E
  • CoQ10
  • Selenium
  • Green tea extract
  • And more!

If your customer base is searching for a specific formula, reach out to our team for suggestions on the best anti-aging supplements in the market or visit our anti-aging product page for more information.

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