Sports Nutrition

Sports nutrition correlates nutrition intake with athletic performance among exercisers and sportsmen. While sports nutrition is most commonly associated with weight lifting, body building, and endurance sports, there has been a growing interest among individuals seeking personal fitness.

Studies show vast majority of Americans are tracking their weight and diets due to the growing concern of obesity and health risks accompanying modern society. Gym memberships and fitness companies have grown in the recent decade with millennials and baby boomers partaking in these opportunities.

BioThrive Sciences provides natural ingredient formulas that are nutrient dense and high-quality to businesses seeking to reach these trending markets. Consumers are becoming more interested in products that deliver results and are cost-efficient while promoting muscle growth, exercise recovery, and improve nutrition intake. Our ingredients are never prohibited by sporting agencies and help with a variety of performance factors. All of our products are made in the United States, assuring quality-control and safety of each.

Common Types of Sports Nutrition

All natural products and overall health awareness has become a fascination of modern society. Sports nutrition supplements are gaining popularity due to this shift in well-being among the public. Our private label products appeal to your consumer market, not just professional athletes. Popular sports nutrition products include pre-workout, post-workout, fat burners, performance enhancers, and muscle builders like:

Our unsurpassed services and design efforts are guaranteed to appeal to your target audience and give your company a positive presence in the sports nutrition industry. Rising economic levels and increased interest in sporting events are skyrocketing sports nutrition marketing and sales globally. To ensure our facility and ingredients, we welcome third party testing of all of our products.

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Our team consists of experienced labeling designers and printers that make sure all products are in compliance, and our on site Doctor of Pharmacy ensures products are safe and effective. We abide by strict internal and external policies; all of our supplements are FDA-approved and GMP certified.

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