Private Label Dog & Cat Shampoo

Our pets are an important part of our family and require specific care for keeping them clean. In recent years, dog and cat shampoos have been growing in popularity due to the growing awareness of the importance of keeping one’s pet clean.

These types of shampoos are designed specifically for pets because they target specific concerns or issues that a dog or cat may be facing. A clean pet is more likely to have a shiny, soft coat, which is important for their health.

BioThrive Sciences is the leading private label manufacturer of pet supplements and pet shampoo. We help companies manufacture their dog and cat shampoo, and we specialize in custom label design, printing, packaging, and domestic and international shipping.

Benefits of Dog & Cat Shampoo

There are a number of reasons it is important for pet owners to use a good quality dog or cat shampoo. These formulas are designed specifically to target key issues to reveal a stronger, healthier, and shinier coat.

Here are some benefits of dog and cat shampoos:

  • Maintain pH: Dog and cats have a specific skin pH that needs to be balanced, just like humans. Specific dog and cat shampoos will help maintain this balance and clean the coat without any irritation.
  • Keep germs and ticks away: Although dog and cat shampoos are gentle, they still work to keep away germs, ticks, and other harmful fleas to keep the pet healthy.
  • Easy lather: Dog and cat shampoos will lather readily to make it easier for bath time.
  • Works on many skin types: Just like people, pets have different skin types, too! Some dogs and cats will have dry skin, while others will have oily skin. Dog and cat shampoo is specially formulated to work on a variety of skin types, so it won’t irritate their skin.
  • Shiny & Strong Fur: Dog and cat shampoo will keep their fur moisturized and supple. Immediately following a bath, the shampoo will work to strengthen and soften the coat for a noticeable improvement.

Provide your customers with a high-quality, custom dog or cat shampoo!

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