Private Label Dog & Cat Conditioner

Dogs and cats need proper attention and specific conditioner to keep them happy and healthy. This involves regular bathing and conditioning to keep their fur shiny and strong.

These pet conditioners differ from conditioners that people use because they are formulated specifically for pets and work to keep fur moisturized, supple, and free from irritation, as they can target specific issues or problems the pet may be facing.

BioThrive Sciences is the leading private label pet supplement manufacturer, and we can help you create a custom dog and cat conditioner. In addition, we provide private label design and printing, and we can drop ship domestically and internationally to see your product through to the end.

Benefits of Dog & Cat Conditioner

Dogs and cats have very sensitive skin. It’s never a good idea to use people shampoo or conditioner on your dog or cat. Here are some benefits of utilizing dog and cat specific conditioner on your pet.

  • Keeps Skin Moisturized: You may not realize it, but dogs and cats can have dry, flaky skin. Dogs and cats can benefit from a moisturizing conditioner to keep their fur and skin healthy, supple, and moisturized. This can also ward off skin conditions such as extreme itching and flaking.
  • Detangle Long Fur: For those that have cats or dogs with a very long coat, a high-quality conditioner can make the post-bath brushing process a bit easier. A good moisturizing conditioner will work to detangle the fur.
  • Adds Shine: If you want your dog or cat to have a healthy, strong coat, it’s important to use a moisturizing conditioner. Many dog and cat conditioners are fortified with vitamins that can build a healthy looking coat.

Dogs and cats require a high-quality conditioner to keep their skin hydrated and to ward off many skin conditions and other health concerns. This trend has been rising in popularity due to the increasing awareness of pet’s hygiene.

Provide your customers with a high-quality, custom dog or cat conditioner!

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BioThrive Sciences creates custom formula dog and cat conditioners. In addition to our custom formulations services, we proudly provide private label design, printing, packaging, and shipping of our products as well.

Our company is different than other pet supplement manufacturers because we’ll see your product from its inception all the way through its delivery, ensuring you’re satisfied every step of the way.

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