Caffeine Supplements

Caffeine is known for its ability to boost energy and increase mental alertness, but there are a multitude of additional benefits that caffeine can provide. Usually, caffeine is found in coffee, tea, pre-workout supplements and other products, but caffeine supplements have been growing in popularity as people are looking for quick ways to get a boost of energy.

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Benefits of Caffeine Supplements

You know your daily cup of coffee gives you a quick boost of energy, but did you know that caffeine can provide several additional benefits?

Caffeine can boost brain function with regard to memory and performance by activating dopamine. It has also become a popular supplement in the health and fitness industry, as the following benefits are highly touted:

  • Increased strength: some studies have found that caffeine supplements can increase strength. Research demonstrated that taking caffeine supplements an hour before training significantly boosted training volume.
  • Increased fat loss: Take caffeine supplements prior to aerobic exercise has been shown to boost fat burning and aid in fat loss.
  • Fitness recovery: In addition to taking caffeine supplements prior to exercising, there are many benefits of taking caffeine after exercise as it can aid in recovery.
  • Decrease muscle pain: A recent study found that caffeine can reduce muscle pain during exercise due to the chemical’s involvement with the parts of the brain and spinal cord that are heavily involved in pain processing.

Market Trends of Caffeine Supplements

Caffeinated products have been on the rise for several years — whether it’s in the form of coffee, tea, or energy drinks. Everyone is looking for a way to increase their energy and mental alertness. Plus, with its health and fitness benefits, a projected $8.8 billion industry by 2020, even more reason to consider private label caffeine supplement manufacturing.

Nowadays, consumers are looking for effective and efficient options that meet their everyday needs, leading them to look at caffeine supplements as a quick and easy way to gain energy. In fact, caffeine supplements account for over $92MM in conventional multi-outlet stores.

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