Private Label Design & Printing

BioThrive Sciences can design and print any bottles or products for your supplement or nutrition goods purchase. Our team can create a bottling design that will fit your company branding and give a cohesive marketing presence for your company.


No matter what type of bottling or presentation that your product will have, our team can create a design that blends with your existing logo and branding.
Find your next design with BioThrive Sciences, a 20-year veteran in the healthcare and wellness industry. Our expert designers can work with you to ensure the new packaging will blend with your vision. Our design experience fits for these bottles and canisters:

  • PET Bottles or HDPE Bottles
  • Neck/Mouth Size: Small, Mid, and Large Neck and Mouth Variations
  • Lids: Threaded, Snap On, Flip Top lids
  • Size: Sizes 5 cc or Larger
  • Shape: Oblong, Jar, Packer, Oval or More
  • Plastic & Glass Options Available

If you have a specific bottling request, contact our team for a custom design solution.


Not only can our team design your product packaging, but we can print the labels or packages for your products. Our team has top of the line machinery to ensure that your concept and design are exactly what you intended.
Printing can include a variety of shapes and materials depending upon your product and private label creation. We can print items such as:

  • Paper labels
  • Labels for glass bottles/containers
  • Folding carton packaging
  • Blister boxes
  • Snap, tuck or auto boxes

Reach out to us if you want a specific type of packaging printed.

Start Designing Your Private Label Today

Ready to develop your private label products? Reach out to our team today to schedule a consultation for your new product line with BioThrive Sciences.