Vitamin Contract Manufacturer

At BioThrive Sciences, we offer a full turnkey solution for your vitamin manufacturing needs. From formula creation to label design and packaging, we take your vitamin and turn it into an end product ready for the consumer.

Our vitamin manufacturing process happens in our own facilities making it possible to keep costs down. You’ll never have to worry about a middleman between you and BioThrive Sciences.

With more than 20 years of experience as a vitamin contract manufacturer, we’re ready to help you go to market. We have the capability to help you create multi-vitamins, single ingredient vitamins, multi-vitamin packs, and purpose-built vitamins.

Capsule Vitamin Manufacturing

Creating a capsule vitamin provides the opportunity to include the right ingredients for your specific needs. Our team of experts will help to design the right formula for your capsule vitamin. Once the formula has been created, we will create a powder, which will be encapsulated, packaged and labeled for you.

Customize your capsule vitamin with the perfect color to match your brand. You can also choose a specific encapsulation, such as vegetarian, gelatin, pullulan or hypromellose.

Liquid Vitamin Manufacturing

Along with providing vitamin contract manufacturing for capsule vitamins, we also provide liquid vitamin manufacturing. Some vitamin formulas are better as a liquid. If you’re looking to create a liquid vitamin product, we’re ready to help.

Liquid vitamins often come in glass jars. When you choose BioThrive Sciences, you’ll gain access to custom packaging, which includes full label design and unique bottle shapes. We offer a variety of glass gar options for your liquid vitamin product.

Vitamin Manufacturing Process

The process to create the perfect vitamin product for your brand includes many steps. It all starts with deciding the type of vitamin you want to create and the fillers you want to use, such as yeast, microcrystalline cellulose or calcium.

Once you have selected the right vitamin for your specific brand, you’ll need to find the right vitamin contract manufacturer for the job. They should be able to use the ingredients you prefer and customize the vitamin to fit your specific brand and goals.

After you’ve selected a vitamin contract manufacturer, the manufacturer will take your formula and turn it into a product for the consumer. This includes creating either a capsule or liquid form of the vitamin, providing a full quality check, packaging the vitamin and even shipping the vitamin for you.

Choosing the right vitamin contract manufacturer will give you plenty of flexibility. The vitamin market is massive and you’ll likely want to create future products. Make sure you partner with the right manufacturer to ensure your business will continue to benefit.

Whether you’re brand new to the vitamin industry or you’re in need of a new vitamin contract manufacturer, we’re ready to help you. Take the first step today by contacting us. Call +1 (844) 263-3657 or send a message today.