Supplement Contract Manufacturer

BioThrive Sciences offers more than 20 years of experience as a supplement contract manufacturer. We specialize in creating the perfect capsule supplement for you without any middleman.

All our supplements are created in an in-house facility and our team offers full turnkey services including label design and printing.

Customize the appearance, encapsulation material and size of your capsule with our full supplement manufacturing services.

Supplement Contract Manufacturing Services

Our manufacturing operation allows you to get your product faster and ready for the consumer. From creation to packaging to labeling, we handle it all. Our capsule manufacturing services include:

  • Low cost bulk pricing
  • Manufactured in our own certified facility
  • Guidance and expertise for FDA labeling
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Use of the latest machinery and technology in the industry
  • Full quality control department monitoring every step of the supplement manufacturing process
  • All capsule supplements are manufactured at pharmaceutical-grade quality
  • Special care to ensure all moisture issues common to capsule manufacturing are avoided

The Supplement Manufacturing Process

Many steps go into creating the perfect nutraceutical capsule supplement for you. It all starts with a formula. You can provide the formula or we can help you create the right formula for your product. We also have many ready-to-go formulas to choose from.

Since we carry a full line of supplement ingredients stored in our warehouse, we can create your supplement very quickly. Even if there’s an ingredient we don’t have stored, we will get it into our warehouse quickly.

Every ingredient we use goes through a full quality control check to ensure you’re supplement will meet the pharmacy-grade standards.

Once all ingredients are blended and a powder is created, we take the process to an encapsulation machine. From there, the capsule will go through a quality check for consistency, weight and imperfection. All capsules go through a manual inspection to be checked again.

The next step in the process is bottling and packaging. We provide full label design and printing, so the entire packaging process will create the end product for the consumer.

Custom Supplement Contract Manufacturing

Along with our standard process, we can help you with the creation of a custom formula. From creation to end product, we handle everything you need to ensure the colors match your brand and the product is exactly what you’re after. Whether you require a gelatin, hypromellose, pullulan or vegetarian encapsulation, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re brand new to supplement contract manufacturing or you’re in need of a new capsule manufacturer for your product, BioThrive Sciences is ready to provide exactly what you need. Take the first step today by contacting us. Call +1 (844) 263-3657 or send a message today.