What vitamins help gain weight

Usually, people are searching for supplements and vitamins to help with weight loss. However, some need to gain weight. Finding the right vitamins to help you gain weight is very important. Whether you’re trying to bulk up or you need to gain weight for your health, here are the options that can help you.

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Top 5 Vitamins to Help You Gain Weight

1. B Vitamins

If you have a vitamin B deficiency, you may have an eating disorder. This can make it difficult to gain weight. Vitamin B also helps with the function of maintaining muscle tone. Some of these vitamins also help with converting carbohydrates to energy.

If you have a deficiency in Vitamin B1 or Thiamine, this might cause you to lose weight. A lack of B12 or B9, however, might cause anemia, which can cause you to lose your appetite and lead to weight loss.

Taking vitamin B can help to improve your weight. It can give you better health and increase your muscle tone.

2. Vitamin D

One of the most important vitamins, Vitamin D allows you to gain weight if used correctly. This vitamin helps your immune system and can protect you from diabetes. It also makes your bones and teeth stronger.

While just taking vitamin D won’t cause you to gain weight, a deficiency of this vitamin can make it harder to gain healthy weight.

3. Vitamin C

A vitamin that has the ability to slow down your metabolism, vitamin C can help you gain weight. It’s a necessary vitamin to help protect your body, but also to help you gain some weight. While you can gain some weight from the slower metabolism, vitamin C can also help keep you from overeating.

4. Iron

A very important metal your body needs, iron can help you gain weight. It plays a role in transferring oxygen to the cells of your body. While taking iron by itself won’t cause you to gain weight, it can make it easier to put on healthier weight.

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5. Protein

While it’s not a vitamin that helps you gain weight, protein is vital to putting on healthy weight. It’s important to muscle function and studies show that you will gain more weight with protein supplements.

Taking in enough protein every day will make a difference. However, taking in too much doesn’t mean you will gain more weight. It’s best to take in between 0.6 and 0.9 grams per pound of body weight each day.

There are several vitamins and supplements you can take for weight gain. However, the main factor in gaining weight is consuming more calories than you burn each day. Of course, getting the right vitamins in your diet can help to ensure you gain healthy weight.

Many athletes trying to gain weight use shakes and bars filled with protein and the right vitamins to gain weight. These athletes still have to take in enough calories every day to gain weight. While most vitamins cannot help you gain weight alone, a deficiency might cause you to lose weight or struggle to gain weight.