What it means to be a Full Service Contract Manufacturer

Are you wondering what it means to be a full-service contract manufacturer compared to traditional manufacturing?

You’ll find in most things you hire help for that it’s easier when you can hire one group to handle everything compared to hiring individuals to help with your different vending needs for the same project.

It’s better to keep the processes under one roof with one CM offering end-to-end services. Take a look at what this means and why you should consider using BioThrive Sciences.

Why full-service manufacturers

Full-service contract manufacturers work to handle the process from start to finish by handling all of the details that you would need to normally hire both traditional contract manufacturers and third-party logistics providers.

Instead, you’ll have the combined vendors in a group that will handle procurement, assembly, distribution, and more. You won’t have to worry about dealing with different vendors and struggling to keep things running smoothly. Instead, you’ll experience benefits like lower costs, more trust, and an efficient process.

Out with the days of conflict between your vendors, unexpected costs, supply chain issues, and communications from multiple sources; now you’ll have the full-service experience from one group that has your back throughout the whole process.

full service contract manufacturing

You’ll have more control of the budget

The biggest stress on the budget is the shipping and transportation costs, but when your manufacturing is all under one roof, your costs will inevitably go down. Lead times will end up decreasing too, as well as risks that come with damages in transport. When you work with one manufacturer, you can keep costs down by negotiating on multiple service discounts.

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The Contract Manufacturer will be more personally invested

Since everything is with one group that is there from start to finish, there is a more personal investment in the project. They will also be more familiar with everything and feel an attachment to make sure this project is a success.

You won’t just be dealing with someone that wants to get the job over with regardless of the outcome for you, but rather someone who wants to see a great performance and high-quality efforts. They will also be able to optimize the process at any time.

There is some risk involved

Of course, as with anything, there is some risk involved with having all of your eggs in one basket. Your vendor could have an issue that causes all of the processes to temporary be on hold, such as a financial problem or an employee mistake. The good news is that full-service contract manufacturers have processes in place to help with these situations such as through emergency procedures and backup plans. If you love the idea of your manufacturing being more of an all-in-one process with a company that is going to have more attachment to your project, consider full-service contract manufacturing with BioThrive Sciences. You’ll love the faster lead times, the cost-effectiveness, and the overall better efficiency on the project.