What Athletes Use to Optimize Exercise Recovery

For athletes, recovery is the key to growth. With the right exercise recovery techniques and supplements, it’s possible to gain muscle faster and feel better after a workout. Let’s look at some of the top techniques and supplements athletes are using to optimize exercise recovery.

Optimize Workout Recovery

Top Techniques to Optimize Exercise Recovery

Athletes use several techniques to help with recovery after an intense workout. There are several ways to increase blood flow and help the body recover. Here are five of the most common techniques used to optimize exercise recovery.

1. Stretching

Known as one of the best techniques for better muscle recovery, athletes stretch often. With the right intensity, stretching can increase blood flow to the muscles and aid in recovery. Stretching also helps to increase range of motion

2. Rest

Of course, rest and sleep aid in the recovery process for athletes. Plenty of sleep allows athletes to recover faster and get back to work on their craft.

3. Massage

A massage can be a part of a regime for optimizing exercise recovery. Many athletes get weekly massages to work out the pain and help their bodies recover faster.

4. Hydration

A huge key to optimizing exercise recovery is hydration. Athletes make sure they consume plenty of water to ensure they recover faster.

5. Muscle Rolling

With similar benefits to a massage, muscle rolling helps with recovery. Athletes will roll leg, arm, and side muscles to release tension and help with the recovery process.

Best Supplements Athletes use for Optimal Exercise Recovery

Along with the right techniques for recovery, athletes take specific supplements. When you want to recover faster, these five supplements offer the best choices to optimize exercise recovery.

1. BCAA’s

Branched Chain Amino Acids are vital for faster recovery from exercise. This supplement is one of the most popular among athletes looking to optimize exercise recovery.

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2. Protein

Of course, getting plenty of protein is key for muscles to grow and recover. Athletes will take protein supplements after workouts to ensure they get exactly what they need for optimal recovery.

3. CoQ10

Another very important supplement for recovery is CoQ10. Athletes use this supplement to avoid muscle fatigue. It’s especially popular with endurance athletes looking to recover fast.

4. Creatine Monohydrate

Known to help athletes train at a higher intensity level, Creatine can aid in recovery. A study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition showed those using creatine recovered from strength training much faster.

5. L-Glutamine

An amino acid perfect for better recovery, L-Glutamine offers a helping choice for muscle repair. A study found in the Journal of Exercise Science & Fitness showed those taking L-glutamine after exercise reduced delayed-onset muscle soreness.

These techniques and supplements are very popular with athletes seeking to optimize exercise recovery. When you’re considering creating a line of supplement for your brand, the right choices makes all the difference. If your target market is athletes, you may want to consider letting BioThrive Sciences help you create a recovery supplement with these ingredients.