Top 5 Supplements to Boost Your Energy

If you’re looking to create a supplement for your brand to help people boost energy, it’s important to know which supplements help with this most. Many people in today’s world are looking to boost their energy and productivity. Here are five of the best supplements you can create with BioThrive Sciences to help boost energy.

Energy Supplements

Vitamin B12

One of the most powerful vitamins for energy is B12. It’s commonly added to supplements specifically for energy because of the many benefits provided by the vitamin.

While vitamin B12 can be found in fish, eggs, dairy products, and meat, it’s hard to get enough of this energy-creating nutrient from diet alone. Vitamin B12 offers many benefits to the body including:

  • Helps with the formation of new red blood cells
  • Supports bone and heart health
  • Supports proper brain function
  • Helps cells produce energy

If you suffer from a deficiency of vitamin B12, you may become fatigued and show signs of weakness, according to the National Institute of Health. When creating a custom formulation for your energy supplement, adding vitamin B12 is always a good idea.


Another very powerful choice for energy is CoQ10 or coenzyme Q10. This nutrient is made in the body naturally and all cells contain it. However, the highest levels of CoQ10 are found in the heart, liver, and kidneys.

While it may be known more for the anti-aging properties, CoQ10 is used by all cells to make energy and protect the cells from oxidative damage. It’s commonly found in meat, fish, and nuts, but the amounts are not large enough to make much of a difference in the body.

Adding CoQ10 to an energy supplement helps with reducing fatigue in those suffering from lower levels of this essential nutrient. Creating the right energy supplement formula may include adding CoQ10, especially if your supplement will be sold to people over the age of 50.


One of the most important nutrients for energy, Magnesium helps assist the body with more than 300 biochemical reactions including muscle function, blood pressure, and energy production. In fact, a study found that 50% of those suffering from chronic fatigue were deficient in magnesium.

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With the right magnesium supplement, you can gain several benefits including:

  • Helps with creating energy from food
  • Repairs RNA and DNA
  • Moves blood sugar into your muscles
  • Creates new proteins from amino acids
  • Regulates neurotransmitters

As you create your energy supplement formula, consider adding magnesium.

Vitamin D

With so many people not getting out into the sun enough, especially those in cold climate during the winter, Vitamin Dis vital to gaining and maintaining energy levels. You can get it from direct sunlight, but most humans receive insufficient sunlight in the modern world.

Without enough vitamin D, you may suffer from excessive weight gain, depression, or anxiety. This important nutrient helps to regulate mood and can also help with healing throughout the body. 

Adding vitamin D to an energy supplement can help to reduce emotional instability. This will free up your mental energy and take the stress off your body. 

Red Panax Ginseng Extract

If you’re looking for an herb with energy-boosting properties, ginseng should be high on your list. It’s known for helping to support a healthy response to stress, exertion, and anxiety. 

High-quality red Panax ginseng extract gives a boost of energy and can be one of the best energy supplements on its’ own. However, when combined with other nutrients to help support the body’s energy, it can become even more powerful.

If you’re looking to create the right energy supplement to represent your brand, consider these ingredients and nutrients. BioThrive Sciences will help you create a custom formulation and with our private label and contract manufacturing options, we can ensure you’ll get the supplement you want to represent your brand.