Today’s Top 5 Supplements for Your Health

When you walk into your local pharmacy and enter the supplement aisle, there can be an overwhelming amount of products. Many items are unknown to you and you’re not entirely sure if it will really help. However, some products are flying off the shelves for a very simple reason: they work. Customers experience radical improvement in their health and well being and word of mouth starts to spread.

BioThrive Sciences stays ahead of the latest supplement trends and provides the products you want in large supply. We provide custom formula options for all our supplements and ship both domestic and international to our customers. Learn more about some of the most in-demand supplements for a healthy lifestyle. Below we have listed out the top 5 supplements that are in demand right now. We can provide these as is or in custom formulations based on your needs and required quantities.

  1. Glucosamine
  2. Probiotics
  3. Turmeric
  4. Vitamin C
  5. Flax Oil

Top 5 Supplements


Glucosamine is a compound found naturally in your body that helps absorb shock and lubricate joints. Just like your car after a fresh oil change, Your joints and bones will smoothly move from the fresh lubrication. It helps lower symptoms of osteoarthritis and other degenerative disorders.

Over time, our bodies take a toll from playing sports, exercising, or just from natural wear and tear. Glucosamine will help relieve the pain of arthritic joints and reduce chronic inflammation. Similar to arthritis in knees or wrists, many people suffer from temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) issues. The joint that connects the jaw to the skull may be out of line, inflamed, and painful. This supplement does wonders for people suffering from TMJ symptoms. It also improves digestion and relieves bowel diseases.


Probiotics are living bacteria found naturally in some food, including Greek yogurt, kimchi, and sauerkraut. Supplementing probiotics into your life can result in some amazing things. Researchers found that it lowers blood pressure and helps break up bile salts in the body. It’s great for gut bacteria and also promotes healthy oral health.

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Also, people suffering from dry itchy skin as a result of eczema are in luck. Many eczema remedies are ineffective, but probiotics help reduce eczema flare ups and promotes vibrant skin. Finally, probiotics reduce upper respiratory infections, so you can avoid taking any sick days in the near future.


Turmeric is found in a lot of curry dishes, but it also has amazing health benefits. It has powerful antioxidant effects that neutralize free radicals and helps build the body’s own natural enzymes. It helps prevent oxidative damages that is known to lead to disease and premature aging.

Vitamin C

Our vitamin C serum is amazing for skin care. The powerful anti-aging properties work for all skin types to remove fine lines and wrinkles. This powerful antioxidant also helps restore connective tissue in the body, including bones and blood vessels.

Flax Oil

Flax oil is filled with omega-3 fatty acids. Derived from nutritious and disease-preventing flaxseeds, it promotes a healthier brain, heart, better mood, decreased inflammation, and healthier skin and hair. Take flax oil every day and aid weight loss goals while also fighting cancer.

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