The Top 3 Benefits to Product Fulfillment Outsourcing

Outsourcing allows you to work hard to grow your business without having to worry about the tasks you’re the expert at. When you use outsourcing properly, you can grow without breaking the bank and take your business to new heights.

Outsourcing your product fulfillment is likely the answer to getting more products made faster. If you cannot keep up with the demand for your product, you need to take advantage of the benefits of outsourcing product fulfillment. Here are the top three to consider.

  1. Become Laser Focused on Growth
  2. Lower Shipping Costs
  3. Grow Your Reach

Become Laser Focused on Growth

When you split your focus on marketing, product fulfillment, and all the other tasks necessary for your business, it’s harder to grow. Outsourcing your product fulfillment takes one very large item off your list and allows you to become laser-focused on growth.

Not only will it save you a ton of time, but it will likely save you cash, too. Since contract manufacturing companies already have the infrastructure to create your products, it’s easier to scale your business without drastically increasing your overhead.

Lower Shipping Costs

If you allow an expert to take over your product fulfillment you’ll likely save on shipping. Often, product fulfillment centers get a discount on shipping due to the bulk deliveries they schedule. This could save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars every year.

When you choose to outsource your product fulfillment, you’ll put more money in your pocket and less into shipping. You may save between 15% and 35% depending on the product and the fulfillment provider you choose.

Grow your Reach

Often, companies manufacturing and shipping their own products are limited by the amount of product they can create and the size of their spaces. It can be hard to grow your reach without growing your space first, which can be expensive.

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However, when you decide to outsource your product fulfillment, you can easily grow your reach and start selling in other states or other countries. Most fulfillment companies will already have the framework set up to allow you to ship and deliver orders to many countries across the globe.

Along with these three benefits of outsourcing your product fulfillment, you’ll also gain the advantage to scale your business as you see fit. If you want to double month after month, you can or if you know it’s a seasonal product, you can slow down out-of-season and ramp up during the season.

product fulfillment graphic

When you outsource your product fulfillment, you gain control over how you grow the company. In addition, you’ll gain access to efficient storage and efficient distribution. Basically, you’re turning your product fulfillment over to a company specializing in product fulfillment. This can eliminate many of the headaches you might be experiencing from fulfilling your own orders. There are several other benefits to outsourcing your product fulfillment. With the right contract manufacturing partner that also fulfills orders; you can have everything from product creation to delivery handled under one roof. This can allow you to focus on growing your business instead of the logistics of it.