The Top 10 Weight Loss Supplements

Weight loss solutions are plentiful and always in demand. Everybody wants to lose weight and everyone wants the secret sauce to do it. In today’s age, people are relying on supplementation and weight loss pills to do the heavy lifting for them. While these will definitely help you to make weight loss easier, they are not going to do it on their own.

Fortunately, many people who take these types of supplements are also willing to make some efforts of their own to see the fastest results from the two methods combined. These top 10 weight loss supplements are going to help people decrease their appetite, increase fat burning, and reduce absorptions of fat nutrients. Take a look at the most popular ones on the market and learn more below.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract

This one is one of the most popular on the list because it was actually featured on the Dr. Oz show back in 2012. This is a diet pill that contains the active ingredient HCA which is in garcinia cambogia extract which is known for inhibiting a fat-producing enzyme in the body while increasing levels of serotonin which reduces cravings. It looks like a small, green fruit and its skin contains the HCA or hydroxycitric acid.

BURN-XT Thermogenic Fat Burner

Next is the BURN-XT, a fat burner known for burning body fat while maintaining muscle. This is popular for those that want to boost metabolism and energy while suppressing the appetite. This is a great way to have more energy while eating less and improving that metabolism for longer results.


While this one is not a supplement or vitamin, the actual substance of caffeine is a huge weight loss aid among those looking for weight loss help. Since it naturally occurs in dark chocolate, green tea, and coffee, it’s in most people’s diets around the world unless specifically avoided. It’s a metabolism booster and it’s often added to supplements for weight loss.

Cellucor SuperHD Ultimate Thermogenic Fat Burner

One of the top brands in the supplement industry is Cellucor who created the SuperHD Ultimate Thermogenic Fat Burner supplement. Their fat burners are typically great products that will include caffeine, DygloFit fruit extract bend, and will provide you with mood support and clean energy production.

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Raspberry Ketones

Found in raspberries, raspberry ketone is a popular substance for breaking down fat. It’s made in a synthetic version as a weight loss supplement that aids in fat breakdown and increases an adiponectin hormone that helps with weight loss.

Green Tea Extract

You’ve likely seen green tea extract in your weight loss supplements. That is because it’s been studied numerous times to be a great aid in fat burning. It contains an antioxidant called EGCG that aids in this process and it’s been great for fat loss in people that take supplements with it. It also coincides with the benefits of caffeine since that is found in the substance.

Skinny Gal Weight Loss for Women

Targeted to women, the Skinny Gal Weight Loss of Women is an all-natural, effective weight loss supplements. It’s affordable, safe, extremely potable, and made in the USA. This is a great option for getting the best results.


Alli, which also goes by Orlistat, an over-the-counter pharmaceutical, is actually a prescription option for weight loss. The prescription is called Xenical and it works to increase weight loss by inhibiting fat breakdown and causing you to take fewer calories from fat. It comes with several side effects though, including the loose stools and frequent bowel movements, but it does reduce blood pressure and the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.


You’ve like heard of this decade-old brand. Hydroxycut is a popular weight loss supplement choice around the world. It goes by several names but is often known as Hydroxycut and it’s known for help with weight loss while containing caffeine and plant extracts.

LeanBean The Female Fat Burner

Lastly, LeanBean The Female Fat Burner is another one targeting women and it’s a number one choice among female athletes. This is all-natural and doesn’t contain harmful stimulants, so it’s a great choice for those that want a long-term supplement. It works to help you burn unwanted fat and reach your body composition goals.

That’s a look at the top 10 weight loss supplements, why they are so popular, and what the differences are among the different types of weight loss formulas.

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