The Most Common Vitamins Used for General Wellness

There’s nothing more important to invest in than your own health. It not only keeps you around longer for your loved ones, but it keeps you feeling good and avoiding health emergencies. If you focus every day on improving your general health, you’ll be in good shape to prevent situations that could have been avoided. 

That’s why stocking your medicine cabinet with a few common vitamins geared towards general wellness is a great move for your family. Put your health first, especially with yearly flu and allergy seasons, by stocking up on these vitamin purchases. 


You may not realize how big of an impact your gut has on your whole body. It’s crucial to keep your gut in check as it’s the nutrient absorber of the body. You do not want to have your gut filled with bad bacteria and toxins, especially if they start leaking. 

Keep your gut in check by taking probiotics that will ensure you have a healthier and happier gut. This will allow it to have proper gut function by maintaining good bacteria and yeasts, the things that protect you from diseases. Your gut is also responsible for serotonin production which is what gives your energy and mood a boost, which is another reason your gut affects your whole body. 

Fish Oil 

Fish oil is another great way to improve your general wellness. Fish oil is a great way to reduce your risk of disease. It works to reduce inflammation in the body and it will work to improve your cardiovascular health. 


Next, include a magnesium supplement into your diet.  According to All The Nourishing Things, this is one of those supplements that can treat a multitude of things, from PMS in women to weight gain in your midsection.  

It will work to calm your nervous system which in turn regulates your cortisol. It will help you to sleep better, regulate your thyroid, and reduce your blood sugar. There are so many important functions of magnesium that makes this the perfect choice for general wellness. 

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B Vitamins 

B Vitamins are so important for your health. Without them, you would struggle to have an active lifestyle because they are essential to energy production and carbohydrate metabolism. There are 8 different B-vitamins that have a large range of benefits, from helping to balance blood sugar to giving you healthier skin and hair. 

You should be taking a B complex, rather than just one specific B vitamin, that may include B1-B7, as well as B12 and B9. You’ll get these in foods like eggs, leafy greens, and almonds, but if you don’t eat these every day, a supplement will cover you. 

Vitamin D

Lastly, make sure you’re getting enough vitamin D in case you can’t get into the sun enough. This vitamin is another crucial one to a healthy body and sometimes it’s overrated. If you take vitamin D with your calcium, you’ll actually enhance the absorption of the calcium. 

Vitamin D will regulate your mood, improve your metabolism, and enhance your bone health, according to an article from This is an important one for your body’s internal hormone activity. 

Start with these vitamins for general wellness to include in your medicine cabinet so that you can help protect yourself from disease, regulate your blood sugar and weight, as well as improve your sleep and mood.