The Benefits of Using a Custom Formula for Your Vitamin or Supplement

You’ve likely considered going the route of a custom formula for your supplement or vitamin product, but is it the right decisions for you? There are actually many benefits to going this route that make it a great decision for your company. With the right manufacturing company, you can create the custom formula you wish you could find on the market but nothing was quite right.

You can put a product out into the world that you are proud of and designed to feature the things you’ve always wanted to be able to buy. When you know your stuff and have a great manufacturer to make your dream a reality, it’s the perfect opportunity to create that custom vitamin or supplement formula you’ve been wanting to create. Here are the benefits of doing so.

Benefits of Custom formulas

Customers are looking for the best fit for their nutritional needs and can’t always find what they are looking for. Men and women are already going to have different needs making a variety of supplements and vitamins necessary. Women need to find the essential nutrients for their body while men are going to need a different set of nutritional needs met.

For example, women need more iron than men do since they lose iron during their monthly cycle and during pregnancy. Women also need more calcium because they have a faster cell turnover rate compared to men.

Women also have changing needs during different times in their lives, such as different requirements during reproductive years compared to their older years, which brings up the issue of changing needs with changing times of life.

When you are only offered a standard set of supplements and vitamins that are supposed to suit your daily needs in a simple multi-vitamin, it doesn’t factor in your age, situation, specific health conditions and other needs. Having a customized option means that you can actually assess your specific body’s situation and supplement with the nutrients it currently needs. Customization is the only way to truly make this happen.

custom vitamin formulations

You can meet nutritional needs in a custom way with a custom formula that accounts for more than just gender and age, but with things like health goals, lifestyle choices, and health concerns. You can find out a customer’s basic stats like age and location while diving deeper into lifestyle choices like diet, level of exercise, and health issues like skin problems or low energy.

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This strategy allows you to help one person with their acne issues, another with their digestive issues, and another with their low energy throughout the day. When person A exercises more than person B, but person B is older than person C, everyone is going to have a much different need where a multi-vitamin is only going to scratch the surface of each person’s deficiency.

The issue behind customization

Since it’s not required that these supplements are studied extensively, you may find some customers can’t feel complete trust for the product and are likely to turn to something more common on the market out of fear.

Some products aren’t going to work with a current medication they are taking or their physician may not be comfortable recommending, making it harder to be successful as a custom formula provider. If anything is in the supplement that a person’s body doesn’t agree with, such as artificial colors, synthetic fillers, or mercury from fish oils, it could ruin somebody’s trust for natural supplements that they aren’t finding readily in stores. Custom formulations used to be something on the rich had the luxury to take advantage of, but now it’s accessible to everyone. The experts have weighed in and agree that Americans need supplements to remain healthy and that metabolic testing and customized nutrition is the way to do so. There is nothing more important than your health which is why custom supplements and vitamins are the way to finally give your body the proper nutrition it needs.