The 5 Best Supplements for Gaining Weight

While many people want to lose weight, there are some looking to gain weight. Whether the gains are for bodybuilding, sports, or just to look better in general, gaining weight isn’t exactly easy.

By gaining the right type of weight or muscle mass, a person gains many benefits including the ability to function better throughout the day and enhanced performance during athletic activities.

man working out after taking weight gaining supplements proven effective

Food and exercise certainly play a large role in gaining weight. However, by adding one of the best supplements for gaining weight, it’s possible to pack on the pounds much faster.

Here are five of the top supplements for gaining weight, specifically muscle weight.


It’s common knowledge that protein is one of the best supplements for gaining weight. Some studies have shown protein supplements have the ability to help you gain slightly more muscle mass during exercise. Whey protein is known to be one of the most popular choices.

The International Society of Sports Nutrition believes you should get between 0.6 and 0.9 grams of protein per pound of body weight each day. This means, if you weigh 150 pounds, you need between 90 and 135 grams of protein in your diet every single day.

It can be difficult to get the recommended amount of protein for weight gain each day. However, with a good protein supplement, you can gain an advantage and gain weight faster.


Another very popular supplement for gaining weight is creatine. Research has shown creatine has the ability to help give you more energy for improved performance, along with offering the ability to gain muscle over time.

There are several types of creatine on the market, but the best option for gaining weight is called creatine monohydrate.


While caffeine doesn’t directly cause you to gain weight and it can actually help with weight loss, the energy you gain from taking a caffeine supplement will help with exercise performance. It has the ability to improve power output during exercise, which is important for weight training.

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When taken as a pre-workout supplement, caffeine has the ability to increase energy and performance. You can work out longer and harder, which will help with the process of gaining weight.


A supplement with the ability to boost recovery, HMB or Beta-hydroxyl Beta-methyl butyrate has the ability to help with recovery. While it’s not linked directly to weight gain, the ability to recover from exercise faster helps.

The body actually produces HMB naturally, but taking a supplement has been shown to help with muscle growth and help with recovery.

BCAAs or Branch-Chain Amino Acids

While protein is a vital supplement for gaining weight, so are BCAAs. Since protein is made up of amino acids, it’s important to get the right ones through a weight gain supplement. Valine, Leucine, and Isoleucine are the three branch-chain amino acids you need.

With a BCAA supplement, it has been shown that athletes can maintain muscle mass and increase strength better. While you can certainly get BCAAs from food, taking a supplement of three to six grams per day will help to ensure you get exactly what you need. These five supplements are great for those looking to gain weight, specifically muscle mass. Whether you’re looking to create the perfect pre-workout or post-workout supplement, or you just want to offer a line of supplements for gaining weight, BioThrive Sciences is ready to help you. We provide full contract manufacturing to ensure all your supplements are designed, packaged and delivered exactly as you prefer.