How a supplement becomes GMP certified

Supplements are not held to the same standard as pharmaceutical medications. However, there are some federal regulations governing the supplement industry. Becoming GMP certified is a bit of a big deal when it comes to supplements.

What is GMP Certified?

Every manufacturing facility has to follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). They will have to be recognized as CGMP or Current Good Manufacturing Practices, as well. These standards are established by the FDA and updated, as needed.

CGMP offers a system for supplement manufacturers. It’s a system that ensures the design, control, and monitoring of the facility are done correctly. With the CGMP processes, the strength, quality, identity, purity, and composition of products are controlled within the manufacturing environment.

These regulations for supplement manufactures help to keep contamination from happening. The regulations also ensure ingredient deviation doesn’t happen and errors are avoided. Products will be held to a higher quality standard in a CGMP facility.

What does GMP Certified Mean for Supplements?

With supplements, GMP certified means the manufacturer will go through one or two audits a year from third-party organizations. They will need to remain compliant with the FDA manufacturing practices and standards. The auditors will inspect facilities and ensure product quality and purity. The audit will also include a look at the cleanliness of the facility and the accuracy of documentation.

Not all supplement manufacturers are GMP certified since they have to go through this audit process. Passing the audit and inspection gives the manufacturer the GMP certification.

Knowing Your Supplements are Created in a GMP Certified Facility

The certification doesn’t come from the FDA. It’s not legal for supplement manufacturers to display a seal from the FDA for CGMP certification on their products. However, if a product is made in a certified GMP facility, the information can be disclosed, but a seal cannot be displayed.

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This can be misleading. If a supplement displays a seal, it’s likely didn’t come from a GMP-certified facility. However, the maker can state on the product that it was sourced from a GMP-certified facility.

When you decide to use private label manufacturing or contract manufacturing for supplements, you need a GMP-certified facility. This will help to ensure you get a high-quality supplement from an honest manufacturer.

BioThrive Sciences is a GMP Certified Facility

Working with us means your supplements will be created in a GMP-certified facility. Our facility is also registered with the FDA to ensure you get high-quality supplements manufactured in the USA.

While all manufacturing facilities are required to follow the GMP regulations, not all do. Some have had products recalled and have paid high fines for not following these regulations. Manufacturers are in charge of making sure their facility complies with the GMP regulations and standards.

If you want the highest quality supplements possible, you want to work with BioThrive Sciences. We offer top-quality ingredients for customized supplements you can put your own brand on. Our facility is GMP certified and we make sure to adhere to all the necessary standards and regulations.