A Guide to Choosing the Right Private Label Supplement Manufacturer

Choosing the right private label supplement manufacturer for your brand can be difficult, especially if you’re just starting out in the business. Consider these three things when looking around to find your supplement manufacturer:

  1. Communication & Transparency
  2. Certifications & Regulations
  3. Customization

Private Labeling

Communication & Transparency

Communication is key in any healthy relationship. Being able to get in contact with your supplement manufacturer whenever you have questions or concerns about your product is essential. Pick a company that encourages open communication and not just set meetings. You should be kept in the loop on everything related to your private label supplement, from conception to shipping.

At BioThrive Sciences we take pride in our convenient reachability and even offer free quotes so you can get an idea of how our services match up with your needs.

Certifications & Regulations

Know what your standards are as well as what the federal standards are for your private label supplement. Doing your research is a good way to know what goes into manufacturing supplements as well as the regulations surrounding them. Make sure your manufacturer has the certifications that are important to you and meets things like Good Manufacturing Practices.

Learn more about BioThrive Science’s certifications and commitment to providing you with an excellent private label supplement.


Your private label supplement is your brainchild. Having full creative control over your product is an important part of the production of your nutraceutical. Select a private label manufacturer that will allow your imagination to run wild, but also help you through the process.

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BioThrive Sciences works with you on everything from developing your custom formulation to providing a graphic designer to help create and print your label.

Start Producing Your Private Label Supplement Today

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