Five Private Label Design Trends to Watch

Private label is becoming a huge business as brands can put their label on just about anything these days. Not only does it allow some companies to have their own proprietary formulas and products created without laying out the cash for a facility of their own, but it also allows other companies to sell products they didn’t create, under their own brand name.

The label design is a huge part of getting the product branded and sold. Here are five private label design trends to watch this year.

  • Category Specific Design
  • Simplicity
  • Label Art
  • Label Stories
  • Pastel Colors

Category Specific Design

It used to be far more common for private label designs to be monolithic. However, category specific designs are catching on and expected to become even more popular. This type of design offers the ability to build a brand and cater to the category of the product at the same time.


The days of complicated packaging and labeling are nearly gone. Many companies are looking to simple labeling that sends the right message quickly without so much hassle. While this doesn’t mean private label design is becoming old-school or generic, it does mean the labels are becoming more straight-forward.

Many designers are now combining the minimalism of generic labeling with modern graphics and a personal touch. For supplements, this could simply be the words necessary to get the product sold with a very simple brand logo. Many are starting to believe simple is better to create the message they prefer for their brand.

Label Art

Another huge trend to watch in private label design is the label art. Many labels and packaging have started to feature art, such as characters on the package or even a design inspired by a tattoo.

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Whether it’s something like the Mexican Dia de Muertos sketches found on Federated hot sauces or a simple mascot for the brand, many are turning to label art to help get their products sold.

Label Stories

Another form of label art catching on is the label story. Many are using a picture of the original founder and the story of the founder as a part of their design. This helps to create a more authentic product with a bit of a vintage feel.

Pastel Colors

The final design trend to pay attention to in the private label arena is the use of pastel colors. This is especially true in the feminine category where calming package design has become a big trend.

Pastels help to make the product feel a bit more natural without the highly stimulating colors. It’s softer and speaks to a certain audience much better than bright colors do.

Choosing the right private label design to represent your brand isn’t always easy. It takes the right eye and knowledge of your market to choose the best possible design for your brand and your product. When you hire a company with an in-house design team, you will likely have access to the top trends in private label design for your brand and products.