Essential Private Label Packaging Practices & Tips

When it comes to private label manufacturing, you want to make sure you’re following the best practices and tips for packaging. Your packaging is a big part of your marketing, especially if you’re competing for shelf space. 

If you want to make sure you get your packaging right, use the following tips.

Private Label Products

Top 5 Tips for Private Label Packaging

1. Balance Product and Brand Names

You want to achieve a balance between the product and the brand names on the packages. While you certainly want to build up a brand and make it recognizable, you will also want to display the product name boldly. Customers need to know what they are getting the instant they see your packages.

It’s best to ensure your branding remains uniform across your products, as well. Use the same colors and design with a change in the product name on each different skew. 

2. Professional Packaging Only

When you try to sell a supplement online and the packaging looks like you created it with a home computer, it’s hard to compete. You need private label packaging that looks just as professional as any big, national brand. 

Make sure you get your packaging right before you launch your product. If it doesn’t look amazing and very professional, you might struggle to gain the attention you desire.

3. Know Your Target Market

Without a good grasp on your target market, you might create a poor package for your private label product. For example, if your target market is mainly men and you create a package well-designed for women, it might be hard to reach your target market. 

Understanding who your target market is should be factored in before creating your packaging.

4. Communicate the Product’s Message Fast and Clearly

Your package design needs to clearly communicate what you’re offering and how it benefits the consumer. Don’t use misleading images or information. Instead, make sure you have the proper packaging to show exactly what you’re selling.

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If you have a non-GMO item, make sure this is clear on the package. If your product is organic, make sure it’s stated clearly. You want to make sure any consumer seeing your package knows exactly what they are getting quickly. 

5. Consider How it Will Look in Stores

It can be helpful to figure out how your package will look in stores. You can even gather a few of the competitor’s products and put your product in with them. Does it stand out or blend in? Will consumers be able to find you among the competition?

You want the packaging you create to catch the eye of the consumer. If it blends in, you might get lost and struggle to get the sales you desire.

When it comes to private label packaging for supplements, there are certain things you need to make sure are on the package for compliance issues. Outside of what you’re required to include, you need to create packaging that stands out. Use these tips to ensure your private label packaging fits well with your product, your brand, and stands out among the competition.