Creatine’s Top 3 Uses for Athletes

A popular supplement used by athletes for many reasons, Creatine helps provide better performance. The supplement has actually been studied for around two centuries and offers a number of health benefits. 

If you’re an athlete or you’re a company with athletes as your target market, creatine might be perfect for you. It can be created with contract manufacturing to fit your brand perfectly. 

Before you start using or selling creating as a supplement, you should know what athletes use it for. Let’s look at the top three uses for creatine for athletes.

creatine supplements

1. High-Intensity Exercise

It’s common for athletes to use creatine when performing high-intensity exercise. This supplement can improve performance and help athletes break through plateaus. In fact, some studies have shown the improvements can be as much as 15% compared to performing high-intensity exercise without creatine. 

While training can certainly improve the performance of athletes, adding a creatine supplement can help improve the training. It has been shown to make runners and swimmers faster. It can also improve the performance of soccer players.

2. Better Endurance

Creatine has also shown benefits for athletes looking for more endurance. It’s a popular supplement in the sport of cycling and with endurance runners due to this benefit.

While creatine has shown to provide more significant benefits for short duration workouts and activities, it can still provide plenty of benefits for endurance activities. For many athletes, creating allows for more repetitions and sets when training. This can be very beneficial for endurance athletes and give them an extra edge.

3. More Strength

Creating is one of the top supplements on the market to give athletes more strength. It provides ATP energy, which is crucial for power and strength exercises. With creatine, when used properly, athletes can gain more power and more strength during training.

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A study done on weight lifting showed athletes can gain strength in both the bench press and the squat exercise. 

Creatine has the ability to increase testosterone levels up to 20%, which can help give athletes more power and more strength. It has been widely used in college football due to this benefit. 

A Few Myths About Creatine Supplements

While it provides plenty of benefits for athletes, there are a few common myths to be aware of including:

  • Creatine causes dehydration – This simply isn’t true and creatine can actually help reduce muscle cramping and dehydration.
  • Creatine causes hair loss – Another myth with no truth to it, creatine does not cause hair loss in men. It doesn’t have an impact on the DHT levels, so this means hair loss does not come from taking a creatine supplement.
  • You’ll gain weight on Creatine – Yes, it’s possible you can gain weight when taking creatine, but you will likely gain muscle if you are training properly. The amount of weight you might gain when taking creatine isn’t as much as you might hear, either. Some will be water weight as it helps to hold water in the muscle cells, too.

Creatine supplements are great for athletes. They provide the ability to train harder and longer with plenty of benefits. Athletes use creatine mainly for training, but also for improved performance.